Elemental Glow Facial

A gentle microcurrent glow meets luxurious pampering, leaving you with lifted, toned, and radiant skin.

About This Treatment

Elevate your skin care ritual with our Elemental Glow Facial, a harmonious blend of gentle microcurrent magic and opulent pampering that transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in a world where your skin's natural glow takes centre stage, lifting, toning, and radiating newfound brilliance.

Ever heard of NuFace? It's a game-changer, and the key to the Elemental Glow Facial for achieving that sought-after luminosity. This incredible product works hand in hand with our microcurrent technique to sculpt and revitalize your skin.

This facial – or any facial – isn't just about pampering. It’s about the all-important (and oft-neglected) self-care. And this self-care is backed by science! Yup, you’ll experience a gentle microcurrent technique that gently stimulates facial muscles, giving you a natural lift and tone.

It’s the perfect blend of technology and luxury, leaving you not just nurtured, but with a radiant glow that lasts long after you leave the spa.


  • Facial treatment (60min)

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