Nufree Nudesse

Unlike traditional waxes, Nufree Nudesse is a soy-based, botanical formula that offers a less painful hair removal experience.

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Nufree Nudesse is a professional hair removal brand renowned for its non-wax, soy-based products.

Unlike traditional waxing, Nufree Nudesse offers a gentler, more comfortable experience. What sets Nufree Nudesse apart is its ability to attach only to hair, not skin, reducing the discomfort typically associated with waxing. It’s also formulated to work at a low temperature, minimizing the risk of burns and irritation.

With its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it ensures a safer and cleaner hair removal process, ideal for sensitive skin. Nufree Nudesse is also known for its quick application and efficient hair removal, leaving skin smooth and free of unwanted hair for longer periods.

Suitable for over 98% of body areas (!), Nufree Nudesse provides a long-lasting, smooth finish, making it perfect for clients seeking high-quality results from their beauty treatments. With its strong reputation for safety, effectiveness, and ease of use, Nufree Nudesse is a standout choice for customers looking for a superior hair removal solution at Elements.

With Nufree Nudesse, Elements ensures a high-quality, less invasive hair removal treatment that enhances your natural beauty with minimal discomfort.

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