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The Future Of Nanaimo Elements

Questions & Answers About the Future of Elements from Roberta & The Team at Nanaimo Elements.

Just a heads up, we wrote this post in December 2022 so it might be outdated!

What is happening and why?

I am in my 60s now and have been an aesthetician, business owner and entrepreneur for more than 40 years. Owen retired from a long and stressful career nearly 10 years ago – only to jump on board as my partner in Nanaimo Elements. While I still have a passion for working with clients, we are both ready to scale back and start easing into retirement.

In a perfect world, a buyer would come forward to take over the reins of this successful business and allow me to continue to provide services on a smaller scale without needing to be the boss – and of course, keeping on my wonderful associate Tina. Owen and I deliberately kept the business small since re-opening after the COVID-19 shutdown – forgoing a wide range of opportunities to expand and grow the business. I’d love to see a new owner come in and pursue some of these opportunities – online marketing, expanded service options, new product lines, new service providers to utilize idle rooms, loyalty programs – the sky is the limit. And I’d relish the opportunity to work with a new buyer to assist in such a transition.

So – I am starting the process of changing my life – more time with my family, more time pursuing personal interests, travel etc. I trust the universe to provide clarity, and I commit to keeping my wonderful, loyal clients posted.

Will Elements be closing? If so, when?

The honest answer to these questions is “I don’t know, I hope not”. I am very reluctant to see it end and as stated above, my perfect scenario is that someone buys the business and allows Tina and I to continue providing services to our clients. In the meantime, we are going to keep operating for the foreseeable future.

Will my service appointments be honoured?

Yes, absolutely! A booked service appointment is a commitment to you! We will not book a service appointment without doing everything in our power to keep that commitment.

I have a Nanaimo Elements Gift Card – can I still use it?

Nothing has changed with Gift Cards. If you are holding a valid gift card, you are encouraged to come in to make a skincare or makeup purchase or contact us to make a service appointment.

Remember that you are required to have the Gift Card in your possession to redeem it and we cannot be responsible for lost cards.

Also, please remember that Gift Cards purchased specifically for services in the past, expired after 6 months. Gift Cards purchased for dollar amounts do not have an expiry date. There are no refunds on Gift Cards. These conditions have been in place since we began selling Gift Cards and are consistent with relevant consumer protection legislation.

Note, we continue to not sell new Gift Cards as per our previous update.

I’m interested in buying Nanaimo Elements (or know someone who is); what do I do?

Feel free to reach out to us by calling the spa and leaving a message at 250-585-8768 or email Owen at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your incredible support over these past 9 years; it has been an amazing experience for us!

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