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Remodel The Structure of Your Skin with our RMD Facial

This non-surgical technology is designed to deliver more youthful skin and improve skin health.

Just a heads up, we wrote this post in November 2021 so it might be outdated!

Roberta was introduced to the RMD Structural Modeling System earlier in 2020 at an industry event pre-shutdown and immediately recognized its game-changing potential. Her initial impressions proved true as she learned how the system worked and had the opportunity to see the results first hand.

The RMD Structural Remodeling System is a unique synergy of 5 safe, proven technologies in one device to deliver improved skin appearance in a single treatment with lasting effects in as little as 6 treatments.

Uses 5 Unique Technologies

The RMD System is able to deliver targeted action on all the structures of the face and neck including the epidermis (surface skin layer), dermis (underneath the surface layer), and muscle tissue (below skin fat). The System stimulates collagen growth, renews cells faster, and tightens muscles.

Each RMD treatment:

  • Smooths and fills wrinkles and fine lines
  • Redensifies sagging muscles for a more lifted appearance of face and neck
  • Firms the skin
  • Tightens pores
  • Brings radiance for a youthful glow

Results include a more lifted appearance of face and neck, fewer wrinkles and fine lines, increased plumpness and dermal thickness, and an overall improvement of skin texture.

From the RMD Case Study

This device is designed to work on any skin type and address many skin concerns for lasting, improved skin health.

Additionally, we love that the RMD treatments require no downtime or special preparations and are non-invasive.

Book your RMD Facial at Nanaimo Elements!

Roberta and Tina have now trained, tested, and successfully integrated the RMD Structural Remodeling System into a powerful Facial Treatment available at Nanaimo Elements.

We have designed a 60-minute Facial that includes a 25-minute RMD treatment. Like every Facial Treatment at Elements, we design each RMD Facial for each client based on our own expertise and assessment of the client’s skin health and skin goals. You can enjoy these Facials at any time of year and we recommend booking a series of treatments for best results. Please talk to us for details.

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